Hi, I'm Dr. Sabrina Nichole Crouch, host of the podcast "F*ck Being Stuck". I was inspired by my own journey to healing chronic pain using meditation. This podcast spotlights the unrelenting women who went from managing to mastering their health challenges, and the badass alternative practitioners who are changing the way we heal.

The podcast where we spotlight the journeys of bold women who have embraced a holistic approach to healing.

The podcast where we spotlight the journeys of bold women who have embraced a holistic approach to healing.

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November 6, 2023

Using Brain Training to Heal Anxiety, Depression and Chronic Pain with Patti Woodworth-Norris

Episode Summary

After years of suffering with many mental and physical health challenges, and having little success with traditional approaches, Patti was able to approach her life and healing from a completely different paradigm, brain training. She now helps clients understand this new way of thinking and understanding their health and nervous systems, and empower them to become their own brain mechanic. Patti is excited to let more people know that they can feel better, and they can create the best possible version of the rest of their lives!

Meet Patti:

Through her own journey with anxiety, depression, and chronic pain along with treating hundreds of patients throughout her career with chronic stress- induced illness, Patti Woodworth-Norris realized the profound impact that stress physiology has on all aspects of health. By rewiring her brain and rebalancing her nervous system, she was able to free herself from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, and many other physical symptoms and stress patterns. She has since helped many clients do the same with diverse health issues, traumas, and self-sabotaging patterns. Patti is now a firm believer that everyone with a chronic health issue will benefit from neural retraining, and in many cases it is critical to healing.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Neuroplasticity proves we can change our beliefs
  • Positive mindset shift leads to healthier life
  • Environment shapes us; childhood beliefs aren’t always accurate
  • Neuroplasticity uncovers our true, creative, beautiful selves


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