Have you been dealing with your pain condition for 6 months or more?
Does it seem like no matter what you have tried you haven’t found relief?
You are going to master your condition.
Maybe not this month or this year…

But you already have what it takes to relieve your condition:
  • A mind that tells you “f*ck being stuck with this condition.”
  • A spirit that believes that healing is possible.

Are you sick of being in pain?
Are you suffering with cervical stenosis, fibromyalgia or lupus?

if you know you need help, but don't know where to start 
- you're in the right place

I have been through the frustration and the yearning for the pain to just go away, but I am here to tell you that on the other side of pain is relief and freedom.

Mastering Chronic Pain for Women and Black, Indigenous and People of Color

F*ck Being Stuck is for professional women who are committed to mastering their medical condition and ready to reduce pain.

In F*ck Being Stuck, you will do the work that will allow you to:
  • Relieve aspects of your condition that you did not consider
  • Say f*ck being stuck and transform hope into possibility
  • Own your inner superpower and watch it resonate into other areas of your life


Surrendering to Rainbows is about surrendering to hope and embracing the unknown in times of uncertainty. It is about abandoning everything we know about ourselves. Surrendering is not about giving up, but letting go of patterns that no longer serve you.

It is about what you do when your back is against the wall, and you think you are all out of options. There is a science to healing, but there is also an art to creating your own masterpiece. 



Tapping in and listening to your body. 


The F**k Being Stuck philosophy is simple.

In order to relieve pain and heal your body, mind and spirit you need:

Tapping out and letting go of the bullsh*t thoughts and expectations that we all live by that are adding to your pain.


Being present and focusing on progress over perfection as you embrace your unique situation and your unique self.


I’m not here to sell you on F*ck Being Stuck. You make decisions about your health and wellness all day and have probably tried various approaches to manage your chronic condition. I am going to give you the tools that you need to get unstuck and manage your condition in a way that is simple. You have to determine if it is worth your time and effort on the front end and what you will gain on the back end.

Let’s keep it 100!

  • Total Commitment: Mastering a chronic condition is no small feat. I’ve done it. It’s going to take focus, commitment and a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

  • A Time Investment: You have to put in time consistently to begin to feel you have control over your condition. Once you master the formula, on the other side is relief, a feeling of wholeness and freedom.

  • A Financial Investment: The transformation you will have through this masterclass is worth more than the time and effort you would put into healing without it.  You are saving yourself years of medical expenses.

It's Going To Take

Why This Masterclass


Here’s what you are going to get out of it:

Why you aren’t finding pain relief using western techniques and what’s missing from the models of healing we are currently using.

How to tap into your energy and direct it. No more stretching yourself in different directions and putting energy where you are not benefiting.

My formula for healing: You’ll get a breakdown of the steps, and enjoy accountability and support in a dedicated Facebook group to get you where you want to be.

My honest opinion. If I believe in your potential to heal then it is necessary for me to give it to you straight, no chaser.

The freedom from your condition that you didn’t think was possible, as long as you are willing to do the work.

Here is what's included....

  • EIGHT WEEK GUIDED COURSE. Modules will include videos, worksheets, and exercises that will be released weekly.

  • ASSESSMENTS. Pre-and post-assessments.

  • 6 Group Coaching Sessions to move you further at a quicker pace.

  • Weekly progress monitoring using heart rate variability technology.

  • A Welcome Kit with items to jump start your journey.


I suffered from severe back spasms stemming from a car accident for years. The pain was debilitating and ultimately it overpowered my life. Dr. Sabrina Crouch shared her story of chronic pain and suggested I read Dr. John Sarno’s book Healing Back Pain. This book changed my life! Learning that I had the power to control my “pain” was a difficult concept at first. Yet, Sabrina suggested I look inward and read this book with an open mind. 

Activities I loved to do are once again part of my life. I can take my dogs on long hikes, practice hot yoga, kickboxing, and go on rollercoaster rides with my husband! For years, these activities were things I used to do, but chronic pain stopped me. Now they are things I can enjoy once again. I have the power to live pain free.

Jackie Rivera

Now they are things I can enjoy once again.

I have the power to live pain free.


Challenges are opportunities in disguise.
Surrendering to Rainbows is a book for NOW! Dr. Sabrina Crouch recounts her process of recovery and self-care after developing chronic pain. She describes how chronic pain changed her life in an instant and what it took to discover a better way of living. If you're a person experiencing any type of challenge, this book is for you. Each chapter has reflection questions to ponder. I especially appreciated her chapter on learning to meditate.
Setbacks and challenges in life can happen when we least expect them. Instead of self-identifying with the problem, we can respond with creativity and explore new paths. Dr. Crouch shows us what it's like on the other side of the rainbow and, I, for one, am glad I came along for the ride.

David C. Fitzpatrick

"Dr. Crouch shows us what it's like on the other side of the rainbow and, I, for one, am glad I came along for the ride."


Soul, Fully Surrendered

Apply to be considered for this exclusive group

Pre and post assessment

8 week course with access up to 6 months

Heart Rate Variability Monitoring and Feedback




$1,499 (pay in full)
$1,600 (Two payments of $800)


Why Now?

The introductory price is only good through December 1

Now is the time to finally get a handle on your pain condition.

Now is the time to say “f*ck being stuck with this pain”.

Now is the time to regain your quality of life, and improve your relationships with friends and family.

Meet dr.  Sabrina Nichole

Dr. Sabrina Nichole Crouch is a New York State Licensed Psychologist, Certified Professional Coach, and Certified Meditation Teacher. Sabrina is a lifelong learner and is constantly exploring new endeavors. Outside of her professional accomplishments, she is most proud of her investment in her personal and spiritual development. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, gardening, hiking, cycling, traveling, and exploring her right-brain creativeness through painting and writing.

surrendered soul healer

Dr. Crouch does a remarkable job of reminding people of things they know about themselves and forget repeatedly, shares many new resources and insights that will be helpful to many, and pushes folks of all ages to find their own peace. In a brave act of self-disclosure, Dr. Crouch walks us through her own journey making the process feel within everyone’s reach. She reminds us that even when pain is inescapable, suffering is optional and suggests ways to develop a support system to walk this path with others. In a time of such great uncertainty for so many, Dr. Crouch reminds us that we often have our own untapped resources that we can release and rely upon. Such a gift!

Gisele M. Grenon

"Dr. Crouch reminds us that we often have our own untapped resources that we can release and rely upon."


There are limited spots so I want to be clear who this program is for

  • You want to upgrade your circle and hang out with people who are raising their consciousness, transforming both internally and externally, and are ready to reignite a life you thought was done.

  • You are a professional who has been juggling work, family, and pain management and are looking for freedom from your condition.

  • You are coachable and willing to invest your time, money and energy into mastering your condition.

  • Healing is not your top priority.

  • You think there’s only one road to healing and you are comfortable there.

  • You have been in other masterclasses before and have not put in the time and effort to show up, connect with others or take the action steps suggested.

This masterclass may not be a good fit if:

This masterclass is a good fit if:

Course release date: December 1, 2022

The Soul Fully Surrendered program that includes 8 group coaching sessions is $1,499 if you pay in full.  A payment plan is also available.


What is the cost?

1:1 coaching is not included. If you would like 1:1 coaching, please email info@drsabrinanichole.com

Is there 1: 1 Coaching included?

You have access to the course for 6 months.


I consider it a pre-meditation course. This course will take you through my formula to pain relief. It does involve contemplation, considering new ways of thinking, reflecting, and becoming familiar with oneself through stillness. There will be some guided meditation, although that is not the main focus of this course.  


This course is designed to give you short modules that should take 30-60 minutes to complete each week.. Practicing the daily exercises should take less than 15 minutes a day and can be broken up. For example, 5 minutes for journaling and 5-10 minutes for practice exercises.


This is not a replacement for medical advice. If you are on medication, please continue to do so. As you feel that you are ready, you should consult with your physician about adjustments. Many people integrate a variety of techniques to assist with managing their chronic pain. 


 Dr. Sabrina Nichole Crouch is a NY State Licensed Psychologist, Motivational Speaker, and author. Dr. Crouch has over 24 years of experience working with children and families in NYC and Westchester County. Dr. Crouch holds a doctorate in School-Clinical Child Psychology from Yeshiva University, masters and advanced certification in School Psychology from City College of NY, and a bachelors from Syracuse University. She is also an American Board of School Neuropsychology Diplomate and focuses on mind-body principles as the key to transformation. She inspires audiences to believe in possibility and live every day to the fullest.

I call myself a surrendered soul transformation healer, not because I can cure you of your condition, but because I can awaken your ability to heal yourself.   Although I am trained as a psychologist, this masterclass is not therapy or constitute a therapeutic relationship.

WHAT are DR. SABRINA Crouch's credentials and what is her ROLE?

When you purchase this course, you have access to copyrighted content. A refund can only be issued within one week of accessing the first module (modules will be released weekly). If you are not satisfied with the content after making a purchase I would appreciate feedback on why the course did not work for you.


 Feel free to email me at info@drsabrinanichole.com for additional information.


Rivkah Frankel

"I love this book! Dr. Sabrina Crouch does a great job in breaking down the steps to healing yourself. "Surrendering to Rainbows" is a guide to reaching your highest potentials in life. I found it easy to understand and very enjoyable."